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Empowering On-Site Teams with Front Desk Proptech

In the current landscape, on-site teams play a pivotal role in managing residential properties. A skilled estate manager overseeing a team of concierges has the opportunity to foster a sense of community, attend to repairs and maintenance, and prioritize the safety of everyone within the building.

The growing emphasis on community within residential schemes has increased on-site activity. However, this heightened interaction also presents challenges to on-site security. This article explores instances where vigilance from on-site staff is crucial and highlights the role of proptech in enhancing the safety of residents and their belongings.

Keys and Visitors

The front desk of a residential building often mirrors the operations of a high-end hotel, with keys, fobs, and cards constantly in circulation. Residents entrust their keys to the concierge for various purposes, necessitating diligent access management. The right combination of software and hardware can streamline key movement, offering real-time data to the front desk staff about authorized and revoked access. Resident control through an app adds an extra layer of security, transforming key and visitor management into a refined process resembling airline security protocols.

For on-site contractors, ensuring restricted access to specific areas of the development is crucial to mitigate the risk of criminal activities.

Proptech plays a vital role in countering estate agent spoofing, a modern crime exploiting busy on-site staff using paper-based systems. The integration of the right proptech solutions eliminates this threat.

The shift to electronic, GDPR-compliant visitor systems using tablet technology is a simple yet effective measure to protect visitor identities and uphold privacy standards.

Online Shopping Deliveries

Proptech solutions, such as those provided by ZapCondo, ensure that deliveries are received safely, assigned to the correct flat and resident, stored securely, and made easily accessible to the intended recipient. The use of smart notifications, such as SMS alerts, informs residents promptly about the arrival of their packages, offering them the convenience of retrieving them using their smartphones.

Resident Empowerment

Residing in a residential building should come with the luxury of security and flexibility. ZapCondo's smart proptech solutions empower residents to control their data and permissions related to access and deliveries. This not only eases the workload for front desk staff but also maintains a balance by preserving common-sense practices. Ultimately, this allows property managers to focus on overarching property management objectives.

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