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Optimizing Parcel Management for Student Accommodation with ZapCondo

The Parcel-ggedon Challenge:

As the holiday season approaches, the surge in parcel deliveries, aptly named "Parcel-ggedon," poses a significant challenge for mailrooms and student housing receptions. Managing this influx efficiently is crucial, and in this article, we'll guide mailroom teams and front-of-house staff through effective methodologies for parcel management. While our insights are tailored to student housing, the principles can be applied to parcel management in residential and office buildings.

Why Manage Parcels?

Accepting parcels for residents is a positive point of contact, akin to giving them a gift. However, this positive experience relies on flawless parcel handoffs. Logging parcels upon arrival offers proof of delivery and pickup, crucial in resolving issues when residents claim parcels were lost. Efficient management speeds up parcel collection, preventing delays, especially for perishable items.

Receptions Vs Mailrooms:

Student housing traditionally lacks mailrooms, relying on receptions to handle deliveries. Receptions accept packages and store them for collection by residents. Larger buildings may have mailrooms, offering more dedicated space and staff. Mailrooms are equipped with software, whereas receptions often implement systems post facto.

How to Manage Parcels:

1. Record Parcel Delivery:

  • Paper-Based Approach:

    • Utilize a ledger to record parcel details manually.

    • Assign a unique identifier, such as a 4-digit number.

    • Email residents once all parcels are logged.

    • Use an email template for notifying residents.

  • Using ZapCondo Parcel Management Software:

    • ZapCondo's Parcel Tracker offers efficient logging.

    • Three-second parcel logging with software, compared to 1.5 hours with a paper-based approach.

2. Storing Parcels:

  • Small Building with Little Storage:

    • Organize parcels on shelves by room number or alphabetically.

  • Large Building with Little Storage:

    • Number parcels and store them numerically.

    • Utilize SMS notifications to reduce turnover time.

  • Large Building with Large Storage:

    • Allocate shelf levels per floor or store alphabetically.

    • Consider SMS notifications for faster pickups.

    • Bonus tip: Dedicate a box for smaller parcels to save space.

3. Giving Out Parcels:

  • Paper-Based Log:

    • Maintain a log for each parcel handed out.

    • Limitations include difficulties tracking parcels for delayed pickups.

  • Parcel Management System:

    • Secret collection codes streamline the process.

    • ZapCondo parcel tracker shows all stored parcels for a resident during collection.

4. Magic Solution:

  • Embrace the ZapCondo Parcel Management tracking for internal parcel tracking.

  • Benefit from the free version, providing substantial assistance during peak parcel periods.

5. Free Package Tracking Options:

  • For those receiving under 100 packages a month, ZapCondo Parcel Tracking software offers a free forever plan.


Navigating "Parcel-ggedon" requires strategic parcel management. Whether using a paper-based approach or implementing parcel management software like ZapCondo's Parcel Management Tracker, optimizing processes ensures efficient parcel handling. Embrace the magic solution of internal parcel tracking with ZapCondo and revolutionize your parcel management experience!

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